Energy efficiency solutions

MET R&D department for energy efficiency mainly concentrates on activities related to energy efficient technologies in the areas of heating, ventilation, cooling, heat recovery, thermal energy storage, monitoring of energy parameters and control systems.

We are working on developing new technologies for industrial and building environment.

Our highly qualified engineers are focused on development of the heat recovery and thermal energy storage systems, non-standard heat exchangers for different equipment and industrial processes, monitoring and control of energy systems.

High efficiency heat pump technology

The objective of EU FP7 project EFFiHEAT was to develop and validate cost-efficient and simple to manufacture geothermal heat pump technology based on novel design Stirling engine with higher coefficient of performance comparing to technologies in operation.

Our company proposed innovative construction for heat pump based on patent (Free swinging piston heat machine & oscillating rotary electrical machine”, US Patent 7,827,901, Nov.9, 2010). Another proposed novelty was novel regenerator material based on new insulating materials.

Related projects

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