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Industrial Thermal Energy Storage Unit

Novel Heat energy Storage Unit for more dense heat storage

About Industrial Heat Battery

The purpose of this equipment (technology) is to recover and store waste heat from process steam vented to the atmosphere. Recovered heat is reused to preheat feedwater in industrial boilers.

By preheating the feedwater before it enters the boiler, the amount of energy required to heat the water to its final temperature is reduced. The heat also can be transferred to other processes.

Certified product

Product Benefits

Energy savings

Industrial processes are optimized
with recovered waste heat

Temperature control

Keeps a constant temperature
of the supplied hot water


Pressure Equipment Directive Certified


High energy efficiency class,
low thermal losses

Technical specifications

Storage capacity 10 kWh
PCM RT82Melting point 82 °C
Max allowable temperature Tmax +110 °C
Max allowable pressure PS 10 bar
Test pressure Pt 14.5 bar
Mass flow rate (water) Mwater 0.125 kg/s
Mass flow rate (steam) Msteam 0.1-2.2 kg/s
Dimensions (W x D x H) 2335 x 715 x 1706 mm
Weight 600 kg

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