Kovas Tile –
Majestic Solar Roof

Rhombus pattern for a seamless dragon scale-like solar roofing solution.

About Kovas Tile

Rhombus pattern of Kovas Tile is the traditional roof covering style in some regions of Germany. The directionless form can be used to design particularly
large, uninterrupted areas for roofs and façades. Kovas Tile is an especially appealing choice for a façade due to its format and ease of installation.

Product Benefits

Seamless Approach

Pattern and shape allows to reach
maximum blending options

Same fixing as standard tiles

Hooks and nails can be used
for fixing the solar panels

No dummy modules

Shape of the solar module fills
maximum roofing area

Lower installation cost

Our product is designed in a manner
to be easily fixed and changed if necessary

Technical specifications

About Kovas Tile

Maximum power: 100 Wp/m²
Tile required: 12 tiles/m²

Facade installation

Maximum power: 93 Wp/m²
Tile required: 11.2 tiles/m²


Width: 400mm
Length: 400mm

Other parameters

Color options: Black, Terracotta
Cell technology: Mono PERC
Mounting systems: Nails, hooks

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