(SmartFlex) Demonstration at industrial scale of the FLeXible manufacturing of SMART multifunctional photovoltaic building elements

The electrical system is composed of BIPV module with integrated power tracker, micro inverter and additional electrical elements according to various country requirements. Main components of full BIPV system are shown below:

Power tracker has 3 input channels from BIPV module and 1 voltage output to micro inverter. The input voltage to each channel for power tracker to start working has to be between the range of 8.5 V and 23,5 V. The power of BIPV module can reach up to 350 W. The number of solar cells within the strings varies between 18 and 40. Depending on the design and size of the BIPV module, 1 module may have up to 2 power tracker connected to it.

The idea of plug and play solution is to make device installation simple, fast and safe for everyone, even for those who have no competence to work with electronics. This solution ensures that no interaction with electric parts of the device is needed during the installation or maintenance process. Device is disassembled by unfastening four screws– aluminium frame with electronic board inside is taken off the plastic cover.

Figure 9 : Block diagram of BIPV system

The SMART-FLeX project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme, managed by the European Commission under Grant Agreement No. ENER/FP7/322449/SMART-FLeX.

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