Modernios E technologijos Reflects on the Successful “GreeNest” Workshop in Berlin

Modernios E technologijos recently participated in the enriching two-day workshop in Berlin as part of the innovative “NEST InGrained ecosystem for Zero Emission buildings (GreeNest)” project. This event marked a significant stride towards sustainable and zero-emission building practices, gathering a consortium of 20 partners from eight European countries, including notable industry leaders and academics.

The workshop’s focus was squarely on the future of building—embracing EU #Taxonomy, Building Information Modeling (#BIM), and comprehensive life cycle analysis. Our discussions were particularly spirited following our visit to the Chapel of Reconciliation, a beacon of eco-design being the first publicly built clay structure in Germany in over a century. This inspired an exchange of both scientific insights and practical experiences regarding the use of circular materials in construction.

GreeNest ambitiously aims to revolutionize construction with CO₂-neutral materials that incorporate reused, recycled, and locally sourced biogenic components, along with renewable #EnergySources. Our project is designed to cover all phases of a building’s life cycle, from its initial design through construction to end-of-life disposal, developing cutting-edge solutions for the construction of new buildings.

The project is set to demonstrate its innovations through four tangible and two virtual construction projects across five countries, leveraging local and regional value chains. This strategic approach facilitates scalable replication throughout Europe. In collaboration with partners like ZRS Architekten Ingenieure, the Natural Building Lab of TU Berlin, and the timber construction company Terhalle, we are excited to showcase a prefabricated exterior wall system crafted from recyclable materials.

We are eager to continue our four-year journey within this project, contributing actively to reducing building emissions and enhancing sustainable construction practices.

*Project duration: January 1, 2024 – December 31, 2027, funded by the European Union. For more details on this and other projects, please visit our project page: GreeNest LinkedIn Page

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