MET joins Lithuanian president’s delegation visit to Australia Business – Research Collaboration Forum

MET had the privilege of being part of the Lithuanian president’s delegation visit to Australia. This event took place from October 17th to October 20th, 2023, and it was organized by the Innovation Agency of Lithuania with the aim of enhancing collaboration in the renewable energy sector, with Melbourne, Australia, as the chosen destination.

At UAB “Modernios E-Technologijos,” our core focus has always been on innovation and collaboration. We are actively engaged in the renewable energy sector and are proud members of the Lithuanian Photovoltaics Industrial Technology Cluster (FETEK). FETEK operates as an mediator for open-access testing and manufacturing ecosystem, providing a global platform for Photovoltaics technologies.

During our visit to Melbourne, we had the opportunity to connect with a diverse range of stakeholders, including businesses, scientific communities, and partners. Our goal was to explore collaboration opportunities that would further advance the cause of renewable energy. Australia’s reputation for innovation in this field made it an ideal location for knowledge exchange and networking.

Our participation in this mission underlined UAB “Modernios E-Technologijos’” commitment to fostering international partnerships and contributing to the progress of Photovoltaics technology. We remain dedicated to our journey in the renewable energy sector and look forward to continuing our efforts in this field.

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